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On my website, you will find delicious and reliable everyday recipes that your whole family will enjoy! Since 2016, our small family team has been creating high-quality recipes. My name is Lisa Laymon, and I am a home cook from Texas who now loves cooking. I grew up in a family that mostly cooked at home and rarely went out to eat. My amazing mom would always have dinner ready and even make homemade desserts almost every weekend. Cooking is my passion, and I have taken cooking classes with local chefs and even worked as a prep-line cook when I was in my early 20s.

At FoodLax, you will discover homemade recipes created with basic, fresh ingredients. My aim is to assist you in improving your cooking skills! Each dish is prepared using readily available and common ingredients, and I provide straightforward instructions for each recipe. Additionally, I include helpful tips, tricks, and ideas with every dish, allowing you to replicate it exactly as I do or add your own unique variations.

So many home cooks have come to rely on FoodLax as a reliable source, as they have tested and discovered the consistent quality of my recipes. Before sharing any recipe with you, I make it a point to personally test each one at least three times. I prepare the dishes for my own family, friends, and even guests to ensure that they will truly enjoy them. Rest assured, the recipes you find at FoodLax are not only accurate and easy to follow, but they will also be absolutely delicious.

Recipes are like stories, best shared with friends and family.